Providing Results You Can Use

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing animal production sectors, now generating approximately 50% of the world’s fish and shellfish supply. With capture fisheries reaching or exceeding maximum sustainable limits, aquaculture is poised for further expansion to meet future global demands for seafood products. To support expansion, aquaculture will require innovation aimed at enhancing the productivity of the industry.

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies is an R&D and contract service organization focused on the application of biotechnologies to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture and related industries. The company combines extensive experience in aquaculture with a strong background in cellular and molecular technologies and in vivo testing to provide research-based solutions.

Our research teams and fully equipped facilities are well positioned to support a diverse range of projects from discovery through final product development and testing. We look forward to discussing collaborative opportunities with strategic partners and clients in the industry

Our research divisions include:

Breeding and Genomics
Molecular Biology
Fish Health
Fish Nutrition