San Diego: The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT)

is headquartered in San Diego, California. CAT is focused on collaborative research and offers services primarily involving warm water aquatic species. Areas of research include the development and application of molecular diagnostics and genotyping, development of in vivo models and application of molecular techniques in the field of aquaculture. CAT expanded its facility in 2014 to provide additional capacity for in vivo work involving warm water species.

In August 2013 CAT expanded their facility in San Diego by 2,000 square feet and opened a wet lab facility for housing shrimp, tilapia and zebrafish in a larger capacity.

Prince Edward Island, Canada: The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada (CATC)

is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAT located on Prince Edward Island Canada. CATC is primarily focused on R&D and commercialization activities in cold water aquatic species, with expertise in GxP-compliant research. Areas of interest include development and execution of molecular diagnostic assays, and coordination of breeding and genomics programs, and characterization of new products.

The 21,000 square feet aquaculture research facility was constructed in 2015, CATC expanded operations as a formal, independent contract research organization for aquaculture and related industries providing services in the areas of genomics, drug approvals, vaccine testing, and evaluation of novel feed ingredients.