Breeding and Genomics

Compared to terrestrial agricultural species, utilization of genetically improved stocks in aquaculture remains limited. However, with increasing access to genomic information and the availability of cost effective molecular technologies that can facilitate genetic selection strategies, the industry is now poised to take advantage of breeding strategies aimed at improving commercially important traits.

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies’ skilled team of researchers, offers expertise for selective breeding programs and support for collaborative research studies in a range of aquatic species.

Breeding Consultation and Services

We can help to:

  • Coordinate collection of phenotypic data
  • Identify and define breeding goals
  • Design breeding plans
  • Determine genetic diversity
  • Calculate breeding values
  • Assign parentage with genetic markers
  • Consult on archiving genetic material
  • Estimate correlation between traits
  • Determine heritability of traits
  • Estimate G x E interactions
  • Incorporate genetic markers (MAS)
  • Develop high, medium, and low density SNP panels
  • Implement genomic selection
  • Measure return on investment for breeding programs


Genomics Applications

Marker discovery and validation:

  • Study design and implementation
  • Marker validation
  • Coordination of data collection
  • Data analysis – GWAS, other methods

Gene Expression Studies:

  • Whole-transcriptome sequencing
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Real time PCR assay design


We look forward to discussing opportunities to work on collaborative breeding projects in both warm-water and cold-water applications.