Molecular diagnostics continue to be adapted and optimized for a wide range of applications in aquaculture. Various methods and technology platforms can be used strategically in aquatic animal health applications, as well as to improve and accelerate selective breeding programs, molecular applications, research and development, and in vivo efficacy and safety studies.

CAT can also develop custom assays for client- specific needs, including establishing optimal DNA/RNA isolation procedures, PCR assay design and validation, and data analyses.

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies maintains molecular laboratories at both research centers, with experienced staff and a full complement of nucleic-acid- based assays and instrument platforms available for a variety of applications:

  • Aquatic animal health (pathogen identification, detection and screening)
  • Certificaiton tested
  • Hatchery operations
  • Selective breeding

Customized Assays:

  • Consultation/assistance with sample collection
  • Establishing optimal DNA/RNA isolation procedures
  • PCR assay design and validation for specific targets
  • Data analyses

Real-time PCR based diagnostic tests on:

Salmonid Pathogens (qPCR):

  • ISAV
  • VHSV
  • IHNV
  • CTV
  • IPNV
  • R. Salmoninarum (BKD)

Shrimp Pathogens (qPCR):

  • WSSV
  • IMNV
  • TSV
  • YHV


Salmonid X/Y Gender Test:

  • Validated DNA-based assay differentiating genetic males and females


Diagnostics can be carried out to the recognized standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) as needed for client-specific applications.