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Latest developments in sustainable aquaculture feeds

Aquaculture UK webinar (June 24, 2021):

Many feed ingredients have been developed for aquaculture species with the primary goal of reducing reliance on fishmeal and fish oil. There is an urgent need to consider sustainability goals beyond fishmeal and fish oil replacement to support the future growth of aquaculture. In this presentation, Dr. Andre Dumas addresses novel ingredients to meet the nutrient requirements of aquatic species and suggests strategies to develop sustainable feeds.






Dr. Andre Dumas, Director of Nutrition

Dr. André Dumas earned his PhD in animal nutrition at the University of Guelph in 2008. Dr. Dumas served as a Research scientist for a multinational feed company and Director of aquaculture at a research institute before joining CATC in June 2015. His area of scientific expertise relates to ingredient development, testing of specialty feed ingredients, feed formulation, and processing, shadow pricing, mathematical modelling, and nutrigenomics. His expertise encompasses warm and cold water species farmed in fresh or salt water. Dr. Dumas publishes articles for peer-reviewed scientific journals and trade magazines. He has deep aquaculture nutrition business acumen, disciplined managerial and leadership abilities, and a well-established network of trusting relationships with industry and academia.