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Genetic diversity and growth-related traits in Penaeus vannamei …

Aquaculture journal

Volume 554, 30 May 2022, 738097

Genetic diversity and growth-related traits in Penaeus vannamei after ten years without introducing new stocks into Cuba

Enrique Casadoa, Héctor Cabrerab, Marbelys Gonzáleza, Georgina Espinosac, Yunier Reyesb, Adriana Artilesd, Daisy Vanrompaye, Peter Bossierf, Amilcar Arenala

Vannamei shrimp

Knowledge of the genetic diversity and composition of stocks enables decisions on improving the genotypes of the populations, and their family structure, as well as the potential use of genetic selection. The present study sought to assess the genetic diversity of stocks of Penaeus vannamei used by the shrimp industry in Cuba by means of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and growth-related traits.

We evaluated a total of 310 individuals from six stocks using a panel of 192 SNPs. We analyzed the diversity and genetic structure of six commercial stocks. We also compared the stocks using growth-related traits (harvest weight (g), specific growth rate (g), survival (%), yield (kg/ha/harvest), feed conversion efficiency, and culture duration (days). The pair-wise Fst value estimation indicates a moderate level of genetic differentiation among the stocks.

The factorial correspondence analysis plots indicated that the six stocks show genetic distinctness. A comparison of some growth-related traits from different stocks showing genetic diversity was performed and, in this study, showed that stock 24 has the highest survival 80.9 ± 1.3% and yield at 1505 ± 50 kg/ha/harvest. From our data, survival negatively correlates with growth (r = −0.55) and feed conversion efficiency (−0.45).

The genetic diversity measures indicate that the six stock populations contain moderate to moderately-high levels of genetic diversity. After ten years without new shrimp broodstock introductions into Cuba, there appeared to be little or no inbreeding depression of the growth-related traits.

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