Evaluation of a commercial shrimp breeding program…


In this article, CAT Breeding Scientist, Jeff Prochaska, explores commercial shrimp breeding programs using laboratory viral challenges to build genetic resistance against three primary pathogens (TSV, IMNV, WSSV) affecting commercial breeding programs.

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High demand for genetic improvement programs drives the expansion of the breeding team

Breeding Team CAT

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT), experts in aquatic animal genetics, is responding to increasing demand by adding leading scientists to their Breeding team. Dr. Peter Kube, Carlos Pulgarin, and Jeffrey Prochaska will contribute to the expansion of innovative commercial genetic improvement programs for worldwide clients. Dr. Peter Kube, the newly appointed Senior Quantitative Geneticist,…

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Improved genetics indicates a bright future for Earth Ocean Farms


World-leading genetic scientists from the Center for Aquaculture Technologies have partnered with Earth Ocean Farms in Baja Mexico to unpack the genetic mysteries of the valuable Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) to boost productivity and promote faster growth. The development of this customized breeding program is the first of its kind for Pacific red snapper.…

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Collaboratively designed genomic tools for aquaculture breeding programs

Klara Verbyla - Genomic tools

Genomics can deliver great benefits to aquaculture breeding programs, including efficient management of diversity and inbreeding, accurate parentage assignment, optimal mating designs, improved breeding value prediction, selection decisions, and breeding strategies. In this presentation, Dr. Klara Verbyla explains why using the appropriate platform for the population of interest is critical and how it is possible to keep costs reasonable with optimal outcomes through the creation or use of a collaboratively designed universal genotyping platform.

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Dr. Alan Tinch joins CAT as a VP of Genetics

Dr. Alan Tinch

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) is delighted to welcome Dr. Alan Tinch as Vice President of Genetics where he will lead a world-class team of research scientists and breeding experts in the development and commercialization of genome editing and other next-generation breeding technologies for use in aquaculture. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh…

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The genetic overview reveals how the captive population was, is and should be managed

Adriana Artiles - Genetic Overview

Domestication, mating and selection, the basis of our life. Selective Breeding is an activity that mankind has carried out instinctively since the first plant crops that sustained ancient civilizations. However, domestication of animals and adaptation to captivity has taken longer, except for the species that were employed for commercial uses such as horses, cattle, pigs,…

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Dr. Klara Verbyla joins the Center for Aquaculture Technologies

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) is delighted to welcome Dr. Klara Verbyla as a Director of Genomics and Breeding and Associate Vice President of Genetics. Dr. Verbyla will oversee the development of new methods in customizing breeding programs to promote growth and sustainability in the aquaculture industry. This will include facilitating the practical application…

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