Senior Scientist – Genome Editing

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) is seeking a Senior Scientist to join our Genome Editing Team in San Diego, California.


The Genome Editing Team maintains expertise and drives innovation in genome editing and related technologies applied to aquatic species, with the objective of translating genome editing solutions in a practical manner to commercial breeding programs. The focus is on identifying target genes, designing editing strategies, characterizing phenotypes, and evaluating commercial value. Novel tool development and working with new species is a focus as well. The Genome Editing Team is collaborative and innovative, and the successful candidate will lead one of the research teams. The Scientist will report to the VP-Genetics.


  • Research: Lead a scientific team to conduct research. Plan, manage, and implement complex research projects. Focus is on discovery science related to genome editing solutions for aquaculture. Stay current with the newest molecular techniques and adapt them where possible. Develop new techniques and ideas.
  • Supervision: Manage a team of scientists. Develop, train, and evaluate performance of employees on a continuous basis. Work with the leadership team to review project budgets and resources to ensure they are in line with objectives. As needed, hire and assemble an innovation-focused team.
  • Collaboration/Communication: Establish collaborative relationships with other researchers in the field through attendance of conferences and symposia, and specific meetings. Establish collaborative relationships with other research units within CAT. Serve as a scientific resource within CAT. Communicate complex scientific concepts succinctly and effectively to leadership team.
  • General: Follow Company policies and practices while representing CAT in an ethical and business-like manner in interactions within company, governmental agencies, growers, breeders, customers, etc. Ensure the security of CAT’s and collaborator’s confidential and proprietary information and materials.

Candidate Profile

  • Ph.D. with experience in some combination of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, or applied breeding
  • Minimum of 5 years experience leading teams and conducting research with a track record of innovation
  • Experience with genome editing
  • Knowledge of aquaculture breeding is preferred
  • Experience in analysis of genomic information is preferred
  • Experience planning and operating complex projects involving cross-functional teams
  • Excellent communication skills, including written, verbal, and presentation
  • Excellent management skills including the ability to set high but attainable goals, define priorities and timelines, manage individual performance, and infuse the team with a sense of purpose and urgency.
  • Outstanding record of technical proficiency, scientific creativity, and effective collaboration.
  • Demonstrated strength in building excellent working relationships and initiating new collaborations
  • Ability to develop and adopt relevant emerging technologies
  • Passport and the ability to travel internationally without restrictions

Key Qualifications

  • Commitment to CAT’s Core Purpose: Dedication to and passion for CAT’s core purpose: We are driven by the transformative potential of aquaculture. To feed the world, support the environment, and sustain the planet. Our purpose is to unlock this potential.



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