CAT provides services from

Proof of Concept to Commercialization

CAT approach

  • Innovative approach to problem solving
  • Individually customized trials and study design to deliver results our clients can use
  • Integrated services that add value
  • Client support

Our Health experts
will provide

  • Expertise in study design and protocol development
  • Support for shipping and receiving of test materials including satisfaction of any regulatory requirements
  • Excellence in execution and client communication throughout the study
  • Statistical Analysis and optional raw data and sample storage
  • Final report and review of results including recommendations for next steps


  • Containment facilities to enable conduct of tank based research studies with animals and pathogen isolates from anywhere
  • Diverse Library of pathogens and disease challenge models
  • Expertise with warm and cold / Marine and Freshwater species
  • In house review and adjutication of animal use by a certified committee,
  • GLP/GCP Certification and expertise in regulatory compliance and approvals
  • In-house laboratory to support analytics and high-throughput pre-screening of test materials in lab-based bioassays

Certified Facility

Working from our state-of-the art facilities, CAT’s experienced fish and shrimp health team provide timely, reliable results in the determination of efficacy of existing or novel products of existing or novel aqua health products. As a certifed Aquatic Animal Pathogen Containment Level 3 (AQC3) biocontainment facility, we have the opportunity to conduct in vivo and in vitro studies with imported as well as domestic aquatic animal pathogens. Our regulatory-compliant studies are carried out to the established standards of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) as required for client-specific applications.

Biosafety Level

AQC3/BSL-2 Aquariums

  • Individual Research Modules
  • In-House Diagnostics
  • In Vivo Studies
  • Evaluation of Fish Health Products and Functional Feeds
  • Family Studies for Brood Stock Selection
Biosafety Level

AQC2/BSL-2 Dry Lab

  • In Vitro Direct and Indirect Pathogen Action
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathogen Characterization
  • Biomarker Identification
  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Trials to GLP/GCP specifications
  • Established and custom trial design
  • In vitro and in vivo safety, efficacy and trait association studies
  • Biosafety Level 3
  • Freshwater & marine species
  • Cold & warm water species
  • Individual Research Modules
  • Family Studies for Brood Stock Selection
  • In-House Diagnostics
  • Evaluation of safety and effectiveness for vaccine, pharmaceutical, and functional feed safety
  • Batch release testing for licensed and autogenous vaccines
  • Custom model development
  • Lab-based bioassays; screening of effectiveness of test materials including direct and indirect impacts on pathogens
  • Biochemistry assays including analysis of plasma biomarkers
  • Pathogen Detection, Identification, and Characterization
  • Biomarker Identification
  • Ploidy Analysis
  • Smoltifcation Testing
  • Ploidy Analysis
  • Virology
  • Bacteriology

Disease Challenge Models