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CAT Microbiome Sequencing

From Sample Collection to Meaningful Results

You know how to check on the health of your stock – but what about the health of the microorganisms that support their well-being? Equilibrium in your microbiome is a key driver of the health and performance of your stock. Using the best in sequencing technology, CATs industry-leading aquaculture experts will offer you a window into this world, enabling you to stay ahead of health and performance issues.

What we do

  • Microbiome sequencing
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Identification and quantification of bacterial populations
  • Construction of customized Microbiome Sequencing programs to capture your desired taxonomic group
  • Consulting, guidance and expert advice
  • Annual reporting contracts for clients with ongoing monitoring needs

How we do it

  • Client-focused approach
  • Full 16s rRNA gene sequencing
  • Utilization of an updated database of all known and reported bacteria
  • Integrated services across health, nutrition, and genotyping
  • High-throughput sequencing
  • Utilization of sampling kits specifically designed for aquatic environments


  • Access to a team of aquatic experts
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Better sequence data for species ID
  • Bioinformatics analysis of results with summary statistics
  • Comprehensive, clear and meaningful reporting by aquatic experts
  • Access to top-tier lab services
  • Microbiome data tracking over time
  • Expertise in study design

We work with:

Aquaculture RAS
Aquaculture Ponds
Ornamental Aquaria
Nutrition and Health studies

We work alongside RAS, pond and ornamental producers of all species to give them the facts they need to help them reduce risk and increase the efficiency of their operations. Similarly, our service can benefit nutrition and health researchers by offering them a richer picture of the biological interactions at play in their studies.

Tailored to You

Our process is unique - it was developed by aquaculture experts who understand the challenges that aquatic environments present. This expertise allows us to further tailor the delivery of our service to your needs. Our team of experts will help you through the entire process, empowering you to optimize the health and performance of your system or drive your research forward.

We offer to customize delivery levels to suit your needs, providing:

  • Option for in-depth reporting on conclusions for hypothesis-driven projects
  • Option for targeted PCR for species of concern
  • Option for expanded analysis and reporting



Balance, equilibrium, normal growth, health


Pathobiont expansion


Reduced diversity


Loss of beneficial microbes
Loss of
beneficial microbes
Unbalance, disequilibrium, impaired growth, disease

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Our team gets to know you, your system, and your needs.


Our team guides you in the collection of samples using our aquatic sampling kits.


High-Throughput Sequencing done in our state-of-the-art labs.


Our aquatic experts analyze results against our comprehensive database.


We give you the full picture and work with you so you understand the results fully.

We provide solutions tailored to you.


Yes. Our process requires the use of our kits designed specifically for aquatic sampling so that you get the most accurate results possible.

Our routine service does not include viral identification and quantification. However, we can build a virus detection program specifically for your system.

We can analyze any type of sample. The most common type of samples are sediment, water, biofilm, and biological samples from animals. We are happy to help you design a customized approach for your specific application.

We advise you to store them at room temperature and to get them into our hands within 30 days of collection.

Our service is competitively priced and delivers excellent value for clients.

Our service is the only current offering built from the ground up by aquatic experts specifically for application in aquaculture.  This expertise and specialization mean that the results are analyzed and comprehensively reported to you with the needs and intricacies of your operation in mind.  Also, we specialize in advanced genomic technologies, so our understanding of aquatic microorganisms and microbiomes is second to none. 

We are happy to offer you whichever level of results delivery you like – be it data or an analysis and report.