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What is your aquatic microbiome up to?

The Microbiome of any aquaculture system is composed of all the microorganisms in that system as well as their environment.  A healthy microbiome is one that is in equilibrium; microbes grow alongside one another, and the populations of unwanted bacteria are kept in check by balanced populations of beneficial bacteria and environmental factors. 

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For example, in a healthy RAS system, conditions encourage the adequate growth of nitrifying bacteria.  However, a change in conditions, or the introduction of a new variety of unwanted bacteria can push this microbiome out of equilibrium.  Unwanted bacterial populations can begin to grow beyond acceptable limits, which can result in negative outcomes such as disease, poor growth, or mortality.  The ability to regularly check on the status of one’s microbiome can be a very valuable tool, allowing operators to avoid negative outcomes and the costs associated with correcting those outcomes.  Similarly, it can give researchers a much richer picture of the biological processes at play in their studies.

Microbiome sequencing provides the ability to act quickly, and early, to correct imbalances.

Microbiome sequencing addresses several of the limitations of traditional microbial testing methods. This technology provides the ability to identify and quantify all species of bacteria present in the environment.  It also does this more accurately, faster than traditional testing methods, and at a reduced cost.  This enables operators and researchers to act quickly, and early, to correct imbalances.

CAT - taking water sample to test aquatic microbiome

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) is pleased to announce that we have recently added a Microbiome Sequencing service to their world-class suite of aquaculture genetic and research services.

CAT’s Microbiome Sequencing is the only sequencing service that was built, from the ground up, by aquatic specialists specifically for application in aquaculture.  This means samples are analyzed and comprehensively reported with the intricacies of your system or research in mind.  There are options for the deliverable results from Microbiome Sequencing, ranging from raw data to in-depth, regular reporting with recommendations customized to specific client systems.  Clients can be assured that the team at CAT will work with them every step of the way, to ensure they receive precise, relevant, and actionable results.