News Release

Launch of AQUAarray HD

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies Launches Innovative Genotyping Tool AQUAarray HD [vannamei]

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT), a leader in the field of genetic improvement of aquatic species, has launched the AQUAarray HD [vannamei], a universally applicable tool incorporating the latest advancements in genetic marker information for whiteleg shrimp.

”CAT is proud to offer practical tools that accelerate genetic improvement in aquaculture. When we combine the flexibility of this array with the analytical expertise of the CAT Genetics team, we are able to provide our partners and clients with results that they can use to increase the accuracy of selective breeding.” said VP of Business Development, Debbie Plouffe. “The price point of the AQUAarray HD [vannamei] allows any sized shrimp breeding company in the world to leverage the benefits of genomic selection for genetic improvement.”

Developed in collaboration with Neogen and available now from The Center for Aquaculture Technologies, the AQUAarray HD [vannamei] is the first product to be released in the AQUAarray line and can be used for a variety of applications including parentage assignment, assessment of genetic diversity, traceability, genomic selection, and more.  

Tech Specs:

  • Includes 6,500 published SNPs proven for GWAS and Genomic Selection
  • 43,474 high-quality and informative SNPs from varied geographic regions
  • SNPs are strategically spaced across the mapped shrimp genome 
  • 60 putative functional SNPs for ammonia tolerance, growth, and disease resistance


  • Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)  
  • Genomic Selection 
  • Parentage Assignment  
  • Assessments of genetic diversity, inbreeding, and population structure
  • Traceability  
  • Marker Assisted Selection (putative trait associated SNPs included on the chip)


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