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From tissue to genotypes

The CAT Genotyping team provides client-focused solutions and specialize in developing custom tools to accelerate genetic improvement in aquatic species. CAT has an extensive library of genotyping arrays that support a wide range of applications, from understanding population genetics to selecting for commercially important traits.

What we do

  • SNP genotyping
  • Microsatellite genotyping
  • Off-the shelf SNP panels
  • Low, medium and high density custom marker panels including for novel species
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Consulting and custom project design

How we do it

  • Low, medium to high throughput workflow
  • Accurate & reliable automated scoring
  • Consistent assay & data transfer among laboratories
  • Best-in-class data analysis

What you get

  • Sampling advice
  • Flexibility in marker panels design
  • Excellent data quality and consistent call rates
  • Decreased cost per sample compared to other SNP genotyping platforms
  • Guidance throughout the entire project
  • Sample and data storage

Introducing AQUAArray

AQUAArray is an innovative line of genotyping tools that incorporates novel genetic marker information to advance genetic improvement in both farmed and wild aquatic species. Our tools support a wide range of applications from understanding population genetics to selecting for commercial important traits.


Aquaculture producers of emerging species

Access industry expertise and gain support to develop affordable tools to build a foundation for success in genetic improvement.


Increase precision and genetic gain by improving commercially relevant traits in each generation with cost-effective tools.


Access affordable tools and receive comprehensive data analysis to facilitate your research.

FISHERIES and conservation managers

Explore genetic diversity and environmental impact on aquatic species for monitoring, management, and conservation purposes.

We provide solutions tailored to you.


CAT creates custom arrays for all aquatic species including other species relevant to the industry.  Find a tool for your needs in our array catalog.

AQUAarray LD

Up to 1,000 SNPs

Parentage & genetic diversity, broodstock population structure, inbreeding monitoring

AQUAarray MD

Up to 10,000 SNPs

Includes LD applications, detailed traceability management, imputation to HD dataset

AQUAarray HD

Over 10,000 SNPs

LD & MD applications, genomic & marker-assisted selection, marker discovery

We are happy to work with other HD and off-the-shelf genotyping panels available on the market.


Tailored to you

Our systems and services stand out. They were developed by aquaculture experts who understand the unique challenges that aquatic environments present. This expertise allows us to tailor the delivery of our services to meet your specific needs. Our team will help you through the entire process, from the initial technical consultation on tool selection and its applications to empowering you to make impactful decisions with results you can use.

Why work with us:

The CAT team are world leaders in genetic improvement for aquaculture. We can develop cutting-edge technologies to advance and accelerate the rate of genetic improvement in established and emerging aquatic species.

CAT has an extensive library of genotyping arrays designed for a wide range of aquatic species. Our world-class genomics team and combined expertise in product development allow us to create new and custom tools tailored to clients or species from anywhere in the world.

The CAT commitment to innovative solutions ensures that SNP genotyping tools are accessibly priced for all programs and all species.

Our world-class genomics team and combined expertise in product development allow us to create new and custom tools tailored to clients or species from anywhere in the world.

Our in-house genotyping expertise, high-throughput sample and data analysis pipelines allow us to assay genetic markers and rapidly analyze data to provide timely results.

Our qualified team of breeding scientists and quantitative geneticists analyze genomic data to deliver understandable and usable results. We ensure confidentiality and the secure storage of your data. 

The CAT team provides expert advice on the selection and application of genomic tools.

We provide integrated services across Genetics, Health, and Nutrition.