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CAT provides services from

Feed Formulation to Commercialization

CAT approach

  • Innovative approach to problem solving
  • Individually customized trials and study design to deliver results our clients can use
  • Integrated services that add value
  • Client support

Our Nutrition experts will provide

  • Expertise in study design and protocol development
  • Support for shipping and receiving of test materials including satisfaction of any regulatory requirements
  • Excellence in execution and client communication throughout the study
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Optional raw data and sample storage
  • Final report and review of results including recommendations for next steps


  • In-house feed manufacturing for functional or medicated feeds
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance and approvals
  • Experience with warm and cold / Marine and Freshwater species
  • Wide range of tank sizes to facilitate nutrition studies in different animal life stages
  • More than 48 specialized tanks to evaluate digestibility
  • In-house nutritional and animal health laboratory services
  • In house animal health and genomics expertise
feed tech


The CAT AQUA FeedTech Center is the first of its kind in North America. CAT provides a fully integrated service from feed formulation and optimization of extrusion conditions to tank-based evaluation and analytical quality assessments of ingredients and finished feeds.

Fully integrated services

From evaluation of commercial potential of novel ingredients through formulation, feed extrusion, pellet quality and animal feeding/digestibilty and sample analytics.

Services Offered


  • Shadow pricing for novel feed ingredients
  • Mathematical modelling of growth
  • Feed formulation
  • Pilot-scale feed extrusion and steam pelleting
  • Pellet quality assessment 
  • Palatability assessment, feed efficiency and growth performance
  • Digestibility determination
  • Fish meal and fish oil replacement trials
  • Evaluation of novel feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Integrated animal health and laboratory services
  • Nutrigenomics and Gut Microbiome Analysis

In vivo studies can be carried out to recognized standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) as needed for client-specific applications.

Customized Study Design

Our highly-skilled nutrition researchers have extensive experience in study design. The team tailors trials to client-specific needs, and ensures that they meet the requirements of regulatory authorities. Our existing infrastructure accommodates cold and warm water marine and freshwater species including salmonids, shrimp, tilapia and zebrafish, among others.

Shrimp L. vannamei feeding