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Aqua FeedTech

fully integrated service

The AQUA FeedTech center is the first of its kind pilot-scale extrusion line in North America. Located in Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, our aquafeed production facility provides a fully integrated service from feed formulation and optimization of extrusion conditions to tank-based evaluation and analytical quality assessments of ingredients and finished feeds.

Who is the AQUA FeedTech For?

Fish Farmers

Access R&D diets and new feed formulations that accommodate the nutritional requirements of emerging species.

Feed Companies

Reduce waste and optimize small-batch feed production.

Aquafeed researchers

Access small-batch feed production with support to navigate regulatory and importation procedures.

Raw Material Suppliers

Expand markets for ingredients by evaluating performance in aquafeed production with the additional advantage of tank-based testing on-site.

We provide solutions tailored to you.


R&D Feeds

Testing new ingredients and feed formulations.


Medicated Feeds

Feeds designed to treat disease.


Functional Feeds

Adding novel ingredients that function beyond meeting minimum nutrition requirements.


New Feed Formulations

Feed formulations tailored to clients’ needs.


Sample Analysis

Testing the quality of ingredients used in feeds formulation.


Quality Pellet Analysis

Assessing the quality of pellets by measuring water stability, sinking velocity, durability, etc.

Why work with us:

CAT’s AQUA Feedtech Center eliminates the need to work with multiple labs or companies. We provide additional services in Health, Nutrition and Genetics to add value to your project. 

We produce feed in-house and control every step of the process to ensure the high quality of pellets.

While some ingredients can be difficult to source, and there is a wait period while they ship, we eliminate these concerns by maintaining an inventory of most common ingredients.

Our in-house facilities, available inventory, regulatory certifications, and expertise in navigating regulations around shipping feeds reduce the long wait times for testing and production.

Our high-throughput sample analysis pipeline allows us to assay genetic markers and rapidly analyze data to provide timely results.

We have built trusting, lasting relationships with strategic suppliers over the years. This ensures, among other commitments, access to a greater range of analyses and feed ingredients. 

We can ship feeds anywhere in the world.

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Director of Nutrition, Andre Dumas, talks about formulating, extruding, and evaluating aquafeeds at the CAT AQUA FeedTech Center.