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Available Applications:

  • LD

    Number of SNPs:
    Up to 1,000

  • Application:

    NOTE: LD applications vary from species to species.

    Please contact us for details.


Every producer will benefit from using DNA technology in their breeding program. The level of benefit and the type of return on investment will depend on the tool – whether low density (LD), medium-density (MD), or high-density (HD) - that is used. Regardless of the tool, the application of DNA technology adds precision to a selection decision.

Low Density (LD): for those just starting in genomics without any knowledge of which populations they have (i.e., species or strains), we recommend a low-density panel with less than 200 SNPs. It provides insights into the genetic architecture of the population and a basis for relatedness and inbreeding. This panel also allows for parentage testing, an important step in the calculation of EBVs (estimated breeding values), which is another way of saying genetic merit.

Our Process

Empowering breeders to drive transformative advancements through genetic improvement with AQUAarray tools.


Technical consultation with experts in aquatic animals.


Guidance on sample preparation and shipping.

DNA Extraction

DNA extraction from samples.

*Optional service


High-throughput genotyping for fast results.


Data analysis and stringent quality control.


Customized bioinformatics and reporting.

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