News Release

Genome editing to produce monosex and sterile fish for aquaculture

Aquaculture UK webinar (June 24, 2021):

Using genome editing to mass-produce reproductively sterile fish for aquaculture will increase culture performance and environmental sustainability by preventing early sexual maturation and uncontrolled reproduction. While varied reproductive containment solutions have been proposed, none to date has proved fully effective or has been widely adopted by the industry. Watch our Director of Innovation, Dr. Xavier Lauth, describe strategies designed to combine the benefit of sterility with sexually dimorphic performance traits in culture. 



Dr. Xavier Lauth, Director of Innovation

Dr. Xavier Lauth has expertise in the fields of immunity, host-pathogen interaction, developmental biology, and reproductive physiology. He has been with CAT since its inception and currently serves as Director of innovation developing Genome-editing technologies to improve production traits of aquaculture species.