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From Consultation to Custom Plan Design & Implementation

The CAT breeding team offers world-leading expertise in the development and management of selective breeding programs for aquatic species. Our breeding scientists work alongside you and your team to understand the details and objectives of your program, identify the key characteristics of the current population, select the right tools and design customized breeding strategies to achieve quantifiable genetic gains.

What we do

  • Selection indices and bio-economic modelling
  • Breeding program strategy and design
  • Parent assignment and pedigree reconstruction
  • Diversity, inbreeding and population structure assessment
  • Population management
  • Breeding value calculation and analyses (EBVs and GEBVs)
  • Marker-assisted selection (MAS)
  • Genomic selection
  • Benchmark genetic progress
  • Integration of genome editing

How we do it

  • Innovative and client-focused approach
  • On-site evaluation and support from world-class breeding scientists
  • Evaluation of the latest technologies and innovations
  • State-of-the-art genotyping laboratory, in-house genotyping and genome editing expertise
  • Integrated services across health, nutrition, and genotyping 


  • Genetic improvement
  • Tailored services to achieve your objectives
  • Flexible pricing and cost-effective solutions
  • Assistance with data collection, storage, and processing
  • Access to proven analytics and computational methods 
  • Reliable data that delivers results
  • Confidentiality and data security
  • Extensive experience in Genetics and Health, Nutrition for a diverse range of aquatic species

We work with

Producers to establish new - or evolve existing - breeding programs that deliver and accelerate commercial gains for important traits through genetic improvement of:

Emerging species

Established species

Tailored to You

Many aquaculture producers hesitate to implement a genetic improvement program because the process is perceived to be costly and complex. CAT offers a range of cost-effective solutions for programs at any level - from Genetic Overview analysis and custom tool development to genomic selection and genome editing. We are experts in genetic improvement for aquatic species and are committed to providing services tailored to your individual needs - that deliver value for your business.

For companies aiming to lay the foundation for a genetic improvement program, CAT offers a Genetic Overview analysis to measure the levels of diversity, inbreeding, relatedness, as well as genetic structure of the broodstock population. The results allow our breeding scientists to advise you on appropriate breeding strategies designed to meet your objectives. Their report includes suggested next steps, as well as methodologies and implementation approaches.

In addition to the foundational analyses, we offer consulting services and customized breeding plan design to companies that want to improve productivity and gain insights into the genetic architecture of their broodstock. CAT has an expansive library of genotyping tools and the ability to develop custom panels to allow the population assessment and the creation of a customized breeding strategy to address your breeding objectives within your operational capabilities.

Our world-class expertise and technologies allow us to take cutting-edge breeding approaches. To producers who possess historical data and a solid knowledge of how their population is structured, we deliver next-generation sequencing tools, genomic selection, and genome-wide association studies that accelerate genetic improvement. We are pioneers in genome editing for aquaculture and offer this technology to promote innovation in new-age genetic improvement strategies.



  • Disease Resistance
  • Growth
  • Survivability
  • Yield
  • Reproduction
  • Environmental Tolerance
  • Product Quality
  • Sustainability

Our Process

We are experts in creating new breeding programs and accelerating existing breeding programs at any stage or size.

Initial Consultation

We learn about your operation objectives and goals.


We select or develop tools tailored to your needs.

Resource Assessment

We evaluate your approach to provide actionable insights

Custom Plan Development

We analyze data and develop a tailored breeding plan.

Implementation & Support

We lead you through every step of the process.

We provide solutions tailored to you.

Why work with us:

The CAT breeding team are world leaders in genetic improvement for aquaculture. We can provide a range of cost-effective and innovative solutions for any type of breeding program and develop cutting-edge technologies to advance and accelerate the rate of genetic improvement in emerging and established aquatic species.

We build a relationship and deliver expert advice through an individual, client-focused approach. We provide continuous guidance and support, as needed, to ensure that you can achieve your breeding objectives.

CAT has an extensive library of genotyping arrays designed for a wide range of aquatic species. Our world-class genomics team and combined expertise in product development allow us to create new and custom tools tailored to clients or species from anywhere in the world.

Our qualified team of breeding scientists and quantitative geneticists analyze genomic data to deliver understandable and usable results. We ensure confidentiality and the secure storage of your data. 

Our in-house genotyping expertise, high-throughput sample and data analysis pipelines allow us to assay genetic markers and rapidly analyze data to provide timely results.

We provide integrated services across Genetics,  Health, and Nutrition to cater to all your breeding needs.